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When feeding flakes or any other dehydrated forms of food, always adjust for saturation. The dry foods can cause bloat in the fish which can kill them. If you have some overeating that much, I would reduce the amounts being fed and possibly try to alternated times of feeding and maybe types of food. Something that sinks a bit faster might help. I like using nls because of the nutritional value, but also because it's a little easier to control when and where it goes during feeding times. I pre soak for a few minutes in a separate fish only dish and use a feeding tube or baster to direct where the food is going and how much gets there. I also alternate between nls and frozen foods such as brine shrimp, blood worms, beef heart, Daphnia, glassworms, tubifex, krill, mysis, and a few other. Variety will ensure that your fish are happy and healthy and it lasts longer than you may think. Also, if you're having fish that consume so much, you may want to try feeding a de shelled pea once per week to help clean out their insides. I do this generally the day before a tank Cleaning and water change.

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