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I have a pack of 13 neons as well as some other tetra types, a GBR, bristlenose, and 6 ottos in my 35g bowfront, and I have noticed that when I feed them (using standard tropical flakes) that even though the food is completely consumed by the fish population within 1-2 minutes, there are always 1 or 2 neons that clearly overeat. It appears to be the same ones everytime that legitimately eat until they are SO bloated that they cannot swim properly. So far none have died from this and return to normal in a few hours. I am just wondering if this is something I should worry about, has anyone else seen this happen?

Again I really don't think I am over feeding, typically they are only fed once maybe twice per day and not every day either. Also like I said there is never any leftover food, it is all consumed.
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