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Tetra 1.5g LED Aquarium Kit...Ideas?

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I'm setting up a reef tank and impulse purchased this little kit to fiddle with in the meantime. It will likely be a Beta tank. I'd like to put some moss, anubias, possibly small crypts in there, but I doubt the light it came with will work. Recommendations for a clip on light that will grow low light plants?

I feel like a dummy now because I didn't know about the Fluval Spec tank, and it's only $20 more than what I just paid for this piece of crap! And I accidentally threw my receipt away. :(

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1.5G tanks are not suitable for fish, but are more geared towards shrimp. A betta specifically for example; needs to have at least a 5 gallon tank.
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Ok. Thanks. That was another thought I had, too. I've kept RCS before. Thoughts on lighting?
I bought a 3 gal (same brand and look) for our youngest daughter like 3 years ago. NEVER set it up. Am planning on doing so in the next month with some RCS. I basically threw EVERYTHING out that came with the tank and got a corner sponge filter and Whisper pump. Bought a thermometer and underwater heater. For lighting, I was thinking of going a bit unconventional after reading a "lighting" thread here. I'm picking up a 10w Daylight LED floodlight to mount to the wall above the tank (from Amazon). Maybe that's an idea for you??? They are pretty cheap and about 6500 Lumins...
You could have a few shrimp, it would still look pretty cool. One option is a finnex StingRay LED light clip.
You can always exchange it for something else without the receipt!
Tetra 1.5g LED Aquarium Kit...Ideas?
Oh man, you gonna drill some holes for overflow and return, then DIY some 5050 full spectrum RGB lights on a programmable ramping controller. And you gotta go aqua soil amazonia, power sand, bacter 100, taurmailine bc, clear super, penac p, penac w. And a big CO2 tank, none of that ghetto paintball tank nonsense. Scape it out with a fat chunk of seiryu stone and spider wood. Then you'll be all set to grow some awesome java moss!

Well, It's 1.5g... there aren't many ideas for something like this, as far as fauna anyways.

Oh wait, here's an idea on a less beaten path... you could use it to raise up food for fish. Live worm or daphnia storage/grow out. At that size and plastic, it would be easy to break down and set back up.
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