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I have 18 Gallon Fresh water tank with
Fish :-
  1. 4 Ghost Shrimp
  2. 3 Guppies
  3. 1 Honey Gourami and
  4. 2 Amano shrimp.
Plants :-
  1. Hair Grass
  2. Anabus Nana
  3. Java moss on drift wood
  4. Anacharis
  5. Cabomba Green

I am using Scheam Products like
  1. Flourish Liquid
  2. Flourish Tablets
  3. Flourish Iron
  4. Flourish Excel
  5. Flourish Nitrogen
  6. Flourish Potassium
  7. Flourish Phosphorus

I have just started with above products. But i want to know how far my light is good or bad for my plants. As I mentioned it is not mention anything how much watt. So is there any way to test intensity easy and fast way.

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If you can get stuff from ebay, Hoppy has figured out a pretty cheap way to convert a lux meter into a pretty useable par meter.

While a par meter is a cool gadget to have, you can do without. Less light or more light, your plants and/or algae will tell you. After you figure out your light's intensity, it's probably only useful if you're rescaping or changing out your light. That's probably why some people just rely on their local club's par meter or try to borrow it from a local fish store if they're friendly with them.
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