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Test cold water vs gammarus or scud

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Test using cold temp to eradicate scud
1st test using cold water
If success will test using ice cube / lower temp
If fail 2nd test using frezee the water/soil

I thought this way will be more easy than other way
Just need to put soil into plastic box or styrofoam and put lot of ice cube
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Will update the result here later

1st test , i forgot take out the small box,
Frezee the scud, after 2 days room temp still no sign of life,success

2nd test after i catch more 10 scud later
It may work. I put some in an outdoor tank earlier this year and the temps dropped to the low 30s. All of them perished. Last year I tried it in the same tank when the temps reached 90s again all perished while the pond snails survived just fine. I did not have an air stone in the tank. Don't know if that makes a difference as well.
The hotter the water, the lower the 02 saturation.
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