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I recently started using feeding dishes and it was amazing to see all the crumbs and flakes left behind that probably would have ended up falling between the substrate.

Glass feeding dishes are nice, transparent, but somewhat pricey.

I actually came across some relatively inexpensive ones on Amazon that had 1 review... By someone from ThePlantedTank who mentioned TPT in the review!

A relatively inexpensive alternative to glass petri dishes might be terra cotta saucers that I found at a local Walmart. 2" diameter ones are really cheap, like 10-20 cents maybe? I bought a bunch, but in reality they might be a little too small since the food and bits and pieces would probably not stay in the saucer.

The next larger size I could find was around 4" in diameter and seems to work quite well. They cost around $1-2-ish locally.

In the photo bellow is the 2" saucer. One is the natural terra cotta color, and one has been spray painted with black Krylon.

Krylon comes in many colors, so potentially they could be very customizable. I chose black to somewhat blend in with the dark color of eco-complete substrate.

I've read posts about terra cotta and Krylon paint both being aquarium safe.

Just thought I'd share this feeding dish alternative that should be relatively easy to find, and customized to personal taste.

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