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Ten gallon rack question

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I'm thinking about building a rack for some ten gallon tanks. Does anyone have any recommendations on how much space to leave in between the top of the tank and the bottom of the next shelf ?

I was thinking on the order of 6 - 8 inches. I think that should give me enough room to work in the tanks.
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I find that 7 inches is the best. This is because I have 6 inch lids. This also gives you plenty of room to get your hand back there and mess with equipment if needed and leaves room for almost all lighting options. The 7 inches also gives you plenty of room for netting fish.

I have done smaller racks with less space between rows and it was very difficult to net fish, mess with equipment, etc...

All of my tanks go in long ways to fit in more tanks, with custom lids. I highly recommend custom lids as they are cheap to get cut and that six inch opening is awesome. Just make sure you have them sand the edges of the glass or its going to look like shark week in your fish room...
I just got a rack this year for myself...

search on YT for aquarium gorilla rack and see if you want to go that way
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