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Temperature for shrimp?

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What is the best temperature for BREEDING RCS? My current just-finished-cycling tank is at a temperature of 80 F with two air stones. Is this OK?
Also, can anyone recommend a good sponge filter?
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I use hydro sponge filters made by ATI. Just a personal preference. and my tanks are at 72. 80 is a bit warm.
So, 80 F would be fine for breeding? I'm looking into those filters.
All I do is hook up an air pump to the sponge does that work? Thanks!
My tank is 78 - 82 since my apartment gets hot in the summer and i have more shrimplets than I know what to do with
Optimum temp for egg development, hatching, rearing, and health is 75 degrees. That is the temp used by all of the large Taiwan breeders.
The bubbles draw water up through the sponge and capture any detritus that might be floating around. It also acts as a biological filter and starts to grow the bacteria needed for proper filtration.
72-76 max~
80F is fine for rcs, mine breed outside in 90-100F weather (water temp 70-86ish). It'll just be lower baby survival rate and higher chance of egg drops.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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