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So I finally got an in tank thermometer and I just checked it and its at like 86 deg F! Its frickin winter I would think it would be a lot colder especially since I only have one of those heat mats I got for like 6 bucks on clearance. What should I do, leave it off during the day and turn it on at night:icon_ques Could be why my mystery snail died but the other 2 are doing fine? I have panda tetras, von rios, corys and kuhlis and they seem fine but I couldnt be sure.
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oh btw the heat mat is only meant for 2-5 gal so I thought it was perfect for a 5 gal hex
I have a 6-Gal bowfront tank and it does not have any type of heating. From what I have experienced the smaller your tank is the more susceptible it is to temperature swings (make sure you take a reading when the tank is at its hottest, meaning the hotter time of day etc). However, a big difference is that I live in Oakland in which the climate stays pretty temperate (rarely does it dip below 35 deg F) outside, meaning that my inside room temp. stays at a comfortable 70-72 deg F and my tank invariably has readings that reflect that. Since you're in Chicago I suppose that a heater might be a necessity during winter, but keep in mind that it does not take much to heat up that volume of water. So I would say you would be safe by only keeping your heating mat (not sure how much it heats up) during the coldest times of day to try to keep your tank temp. closer to the ideal tropical temperature of 78 deg F.
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You could always buy a heater controller for the mat.
If you have only checked the temperature with one thermometer then you really have no idea what the temperature is. Get at least three measuring devices and you will begin to get a general idea. I bought a lab-quality 12 inch glass thermometer just to check my other stuff. Some of them were off by 10 degrees. Even the lab quality one only claims to be right +- 1 degree centigrade, which means +- 1.8 degrees fahrenheit.
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