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temp and bacteria and leaves

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Trying to come up with an action plan for warmer weather.
I have RCS. I gather they are not overly susceptible to bacterial inf, but would be interested to get a list of shrimps that are, for future reference.

My issue is that I run my a/c at 78F.
My current tank setup is a glass cover with a (old) strip light that lays on the glass. Even if I had a different light, I would not run the tank w/o a cover.
So I see no way to hit the tank with a small fan.

I guess using IAL would help? Do alder cones do the same?
In the meantime, I may scour my yard for goodies. But all leaves tend to have fungal spores. Do you boil them first??
I can definitely use banana leaves but do they have to be dried first?
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Couple concerns I have here. You won't be able to reach a cooler temperature without taking the lid off. It's basically preventing the evaporation from well evaporating. That's how water cools itself down. Your basically going to have a greenhouse going on. Which will raise the temperature rather than keep it stable.

You could go with a chiller if you don't want to remove the lid. But that's quite costly compared to say turning your a&c down to 71 or taking the lid off and running a small fan on the tank.

All leaves except nettle, kale, and mulberry need to be dried before use. When I say dry I mean dry like seasoned wood not just dried for a few months. As far as mold spores goin you can boil it but I would not trust it I would just use ones that don't require extra sanitary precautions.

I'm not sure about the bacterial thing though. While ial and alder cones etc will help prevent them. A couple alder cones say in a ten gallon tank won't have much affect on the inhabitants.
Tigers are the most susceptible to it. Oebt red tigers royal blue btoe.
That's what I had assumed but didn't want to say anything
I am still interested in comments on this.

I will probably just remove some of my tank cover and try to see what I can do with a fan and run my A/C as low as possible. Perhaps 74-76F.

Again, since my current light sits on the glass, not a whole lot I can do. I was hoping to upgrade my light, but that is not going well.

So I am trying to ascertain if using leaves will do anything for me; if so, I need to start figuring out where to buy some.

Also looking forward to keeping other shrimps, that's why I wanted to know which ones to rule out for now, as being the most sensitive to bacterial issues.

Now that I think about it...haven't I read that people have kept RCS at 78F?
leaves might help a little but temps rule all. i switched to all LED lighting because of this. We set our AC to 76, but I run fans on all my high end tanks. CRS CBS mischlings TB good to about 74-75, but I try and keep them at 72 as well. I just bought a chiller for my 48.8 mr aqua to insure my 100's of new born TB stay nice and cool
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