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Found this adorable little bowl at Dollar Tree today. That's right, I paid a whopping $1.08 for this! And since I used plants and sand and driftwood I already had, this bowl is the cheapest tank I've ever set up. :)
I was doing some loooooong overdue maintenance on my 4 main tanks today and the urge struck me for a nano.

Bowl: maybe a 4th of a gallon. Tiny.
Sand: Black diamond blasting grit with an osmocote plus root tab buried for the anubias
Ferts: maybe a drop or two of flourish and excel occasionally. We will see
Lighting: only from the window. Maybe an algae farm, maybe not. :)

Plants: spikey moss? Taiwan moss? Singapore moss? No idea. It was raoked to me last year and has literally exploded in my tanks. I like it well enough, it's thick and attaches like glue to hardscape.
1 anubias nana. It'll probably outgrow the little bowl. We will see.
Some duckweed. I like duckweed personally, I know some people hate it.
Livestock: 1 brown spotted ramshorn snail and depending on temps in there this summer and overall success/failure of this bowl in a couple months I may toss no more than 3 shrimp in for some activity.

This bowl will be a fun little experiment and looks super awesome with my orchids. :D



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