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I might be in the wrong forum but I will post this, I have a 45-50 gallon tank that I just restarted and I decided to make my own castle for it. I used Styrofoam and silicone the base to the floor of the tank and the castle to the base. The only problem I have is that , I'm guessing that the silicone wasn't enough to hold down the foam. and the castle floated up. Any suggestion on what to use to glue the pieces together and keep it down.


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Have you tried putting a big rock on top of it?

Sorry sorry. Styrofoam castle is sort of the opposite of a planted tank, so you're going to get a little teased here.
I can't think of anything discrete that you could use to weigh down that much styrofoam. For weigh-down options, you'd have to put something quit heavy under the arch of the castle, but that would mess up the look you're probably going for.
I'm surprised silicone didn't work. Have you tried really sobbing it on thick? My advise would be just retry the silicone, but really go nuts this time.
AquaMend. It'll probably work pretty well, but you'll have to drain your tank first. It takes a while to set up.
Thanks , The first time I tried a large rock but no good, but thanks.

Bump: Ok will try,.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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