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Located in West Allis, WI.

I switched from salt/reef to planted after a crash. I've since lost interest in keeping the planted tank and really don't have the free time needed to keep up with the tank and the fish with our new addition to the family. So, I have decided to sell everything and start over some day in the future, probably reef again though. So, here's what I have to offer to y'all:

  • 90 gallon AGA RR tank approximately 4 years old.
  • Custom built (by me) stand and hood, 2x4 construction, skinned with plywood and painted black. Both in pretty good shape but definately not CUSTOM built quality. Very sturdy, just a few details with the trim work that were overlooked when built.
  • 20 gallon breeder used as sump.
  • 2-110 Watt VHO with e/ballast and water tight endcaps. Bulbs are very well used.
  • CO2 regulator.
  • 2-5 pound (I think) CO2 tanks.
  • White playsand substrate.
  • Mounted driftwood.
  • Other misc. supplies.
Live Stock:
  • Three angel fish of various colors. Nothing fancy and about four inches long.
  • 10 or so RNT.
  • 2 Hatchet fish.
  • 5 cory's of unknown species.
  • 5 or so silver tip tetras.
  • SNAILS, and a whole lot of them.
  • Junk plants that grow in any condition it seems.
I'm not sure what everything is worth. I'll take $350 for the whole works, EVERYTHING. That should be less than half of what everything was new. If that doesn't work, I'll start splitting it up. I will sell the fish separately. Make a reasonable offer and I'll arrange for a pickup.
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