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Tearing down and restarting

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Long story short, I had a tank up for a couple years and it just crashed while I was gone for a couple weeks.
heater seemed to have quit (water was ice cold upon my return) and everything died (fish and plants, but BBA was loving it)

I'm currently tearing down and curious about any recommendations to clean my existing driftwood, if I want to re-use it.
(I bought another 40b, finnex planted +24/7, GLA 10bls ss co2, pps complete overhaul and stepping into 'high tech' for the first time).

All I've done so far is let the wood sorta dry out, rinse in hot water and scrub them down.

My main goal is to do whatever necessary to kill the BBA/snails before putting into the next tank I set up.

What all have you done before or recommend?
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