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Grass looks like Dwarf Sag.
I found that cooler water will slow the release of tannins. You can try to reboil the wood.
Is the green on the glass the string algae? I've only had that type in my pond, where there's way too much light and tons of food/fish poo. So fiddling with lights and how much you feed may clear it up.
For dirty sand, I've stirred it all up right before starting a water change. I just keep stirring and changing out water until it's much cleaner. But, I have well water and I use the sink, so I match the temp and I don't need chemicals. Might be hard for you to do that w/o possible shrimp loss.
You can get regular strip lights and go with the daylight/blue range and avoid the ones with warm light or in the yellow side of the bar they show. I'm not sure if I've ever found a plug in strip light for a 10g. I have used two regular house bulbs instead. I just used the lamp making kit and screwed in a bulb and placed them over the tank. Then use tinfoil to reflect the light into the tank and cover it from lighting the whole room.
Too many MTS is because of too much food. Catch em and/or feed less.
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