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I'm reposting this from another thread I posted in.

I've been looking for a way to control (2) Fluval A3981 Aqualife & Plant LED fixtures and possibly (3) True Lumen LED Lunar Light pods if there's enough capacity. Ideally, I want to have at least (2) on/off cycles a day (one in the morning for feeding before I go to work) and dimming control over a longer period of time than what the Dual Ramp Timer Pro would give me. The Fluvals are 35W, 1.4A @ 24V each. Does anybody know if the TC-420 and a properly sized power supply will allow me to do this? I don't care about color control, just timing and dimming of the LEDs I already have. I don't care if the two Fluval A3981s are individually controllable as long as they can be either:

1) Turn on, ramp up to a fixed point below 100% for most of the day, ramped up to 100% and then ramped back down to a fixed point below 100% and shut off.


2) Just very slowly ramped to 100%, stay at 100% for a predetermined time and slowly ramped back down.

Adding the lunar lights to a ramped or unramped program would be a bonus, but is not a necessity.

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