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My 10 gal low tech is 3 weeks old. No inhabitants yet. When I do 25% wc weekly I'm concerned the tap water pH is 8.0 and my aquarium water reads 6.4. What do I do about this other than RO water? I don't want the fluctuation to kill future inhabitants.

Also, for dry ferts I use 1/8 t. Seachem Equilibrium, 1/16 t. KNO3, 1/64 t. KH2PO4 weekly (per Tom Barr's recommendations.) However, Aquatic Plant Central's Fertilizer calculator shows I need to dose 1 t. Equilibrium. 1/8 and 1 teaspoon is a big difference. So which is it?

Substrate: Up Aqua Sand
Light: Finnex Stingray for 7 hours
Filter: AquaClear
Heater: Eheim 50 watt, 79 degrees
Plants: anacharis, vallisnerias, pennyworts, pigmy chain swords. crypts, java ferns, anubias nana petite, Christmas moss, dwarf hair grass

Future inhabitants: 1 betta, mystery snail, ghost shrimp


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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