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Simple easy plants for my Ramshorn snails, & other small water gardens to eventually get shrimp.
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Wondering if there was anything in the local news about issues with Pittsburgh water, or new chemicals added around December 2021????

If anyone reading this is from Pittsburgh and lives in the East End area, and uses the Highland Park Reservoir for their tap water- please let me know if you have had any bad experiences with the tap water in December 2021.

I only keep Ramshorn snails with my aquatic plants and did some partial water changes and noticed they seemed still and lethargic, some secreting mucus with small bubbles, other pulled into their shells and not moving.

At that point I had not yet suspected something in the tap water and so I did a full water change, cleaned the tank and expected to see some happy snails being active the next morning but they seemed worse.

This morning I drained out 95% of the tap and put in bottled water out of desperation.
I think I'm seeing some improvement in their behavior or maybe I'm just hopeful.
Snails are still rather still, but the tentacles are out now on some of them, after 3hrs of bottled water replacing the tap water.
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