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Babies man, babies. Wife pops out a couple of kids and all of a sudden 2 empty tanks, a stand+hood, and a bunch of unused equipment taking up half the garage has "got to go"

But seriously, I'm cleaning out space and have a lot for sale. Cash, Paypal, Pick Up Atlanta or Shipping.

Kids keep me busy, so may not ship until the Saturday of whenever you buy (often faster than that)


58g 36"w x 21"h x 18" d $50, pick up only
1.5" thick glass, no center brace

SOLD [STRIKE]45g 36"w x 24"h x 12"d with DIY Stand and Hood $45, pick up only
Picture of setup tank. Tank is currently broken down, clean, and ready to transport.[/STRIKE]


SOLD Fluval U4 Internal $20 + $10 shipping

SOLD Fluval HOB $15 + $10 shipping

SOLD Fluval 405 $100 + $18 Shipping

Magnum 330, For Parts, Free, Pick Up Only

Other Equipment

SOLD Fluval E300 Heater $20

2x96w Power Compact 36" fixture - $30 + $20 shipping because it's long.
Only half works. Could be ballast, could be wiring, you can likily fix it, I don't have time.

T8 Fixtures, One 2 bulb, One 1 bulb -$5 each + $20 shipping (one or both)

SOLD Max 4.5 psig, 2 outlet, air pump -$10 + $5 shipping

Lifeguard Aqua Step 15w UV Sterilizer-$25 + $10 shipping
It leaks at the outlet, someone handy can probably fix it.

Coolworks Ice Probe-$40 + $10 shipping
Missing just a few parts to screw it onto your tank or sump, see second picture, but other than that works great.

This is the probe. It needs a nut and gaskets.

Forceps for Planted Tank,Long-$3 each + $5 shipping or free ship with other items

Tetra Whisper Magnet Cleaner $3 + $5 shipping or free ship with other item


All Driftwood Pieces $5/each except #6, which is $10.

Tell Me the Number You want (number is listed above the picture):






SOLD #6 This one is $10 + $15 shipping because it's large



SOLD #9 Not sure if it comes through, but this has a hollow tunnel like center
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