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I have to breakdown my 2 55 gallons to make space for breeding discus. Thus I have a lot of plants that I hate to throw them away. Here they are

- 150+ staurogynes with healthy roots for $100 shipped. Can split in two packages for $55 shipped. You can see in the attached picture that they come in different sizes and that was half the amount that I have. Light algae and snails.

- A very big thick mat of fissidens (about 2 A4 size sheets if you spread them out) have some kind of algae that i cannot identify. $100 shipped or OBO. SOLD

- Tons of trident java fern ( can fully occupied a 10 gallon) about 5% of the leaves are dying. Otherwise they are healthy. no snail or algae. $75 shipped.

- A lot of Anubias nanas $4/5-7 leaf rhizome. These are healthy and no snail or algae.

I don't have heat bags, so please watch your weather. Will throw in extras lying around in the tanks. Please ask if you have any question


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