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I am about to head out to Petco to take advantage of their $1/gallon sale! I am going to be upgrading my male HM betta from a Spec V (5 gallons) to a 10 gallon.

I am going to be getting a glass top and use my Finnex Fugeray 16 on top. Hoping that will be enough light for my lowlight plants even though it won't reach the length of the tank. Do you think that will be sufficient?

Also, what type of filter would you recommend? I will obviously be housing the betta but may add a few otos or pygmy cories later. Nothing too crazy though.

Lastly, what is the best way to switch tanks? I will be using some filter media, the plants, some substrate, and the mopani wood from the old Spec V in the new tank. Same with the heater, thermometer, etc. Could I get away with this, switching over some water, and adding a bottle of safestart and be good to go?
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