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A ton of guppies, mystery snails, japanese trapdoor snails, ghost shrimp, & tons of plants in a 10G.
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  • Bought another paradise fish (unsure of its gender, has vibrant colors but is a female)
  • Added feeder fish to my main 10G Tank (feeder endlers)
  • 3 of my guppies are pregnant, bound to give birth any day.
  • Buying (1) 10G Tank from Petco during the Dollar-Per-Gallon Sale. ($10 + tax)
  • Need to buy 1 sponge filter from Artistic Aquariums ($5.99)
  • Need to buy 1 air pump from Wal-Mart ($10-$11)
  • Need to buy 3-4 bunches of water wisteria from Artistic Aquariums OR The Ocean Floor ($4.99 @ Artistic Aquariums, IDK from The Ocean Floor)
    • Need to get guppy grass & hornwort from a family friend of mine (FREE)
  • Need to get 9 lbs. of Samurai Soil for the (1) 10G Tank ($31.99)
  • Need to get driftwood or rocks for a center decoration from Artistic Aquariums OR The Ocean Floor HAD A CENTER DECORATION LAYING AROUND
  • Need to get top floating plants for my tank from my cousin (FREE)
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