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I did a trim last night and looking to quickly ship some healthy stems today. No algae but there may be snails. Will pack in medium flat rate USPS priority box in a thermal shield. No heat packs available. No guarantees. Looking to ship in one shipment so please make sure you have the right conditions and space for these plants. All high light and require CO2. All plants come from the tank below. $13 for shipping via PayPal required at 2pm EST for shipment today. Please make the list and I will use Randon.Org to pick a number at 1:30 PM EST. If I don’t hear from the winner by 2:15 EST I will choose a new winner.

Rotala Macrandra Type IV (lg clump approx. 12 stems)
Limnophila Aromatica x 12 (possibly misidentified)
Limnophila sp. Belem (approx. 6 stems)
Ammania Bonsai (approx. 6 long stems with side shoots)


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