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Tank Teardown-Tampa

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In order to start breaking down my tank the first thing that needs to go is plants and substrate. The other part of the post will be for equipment once all livestock is distributed. The following is up for grabs (limited amounts remaining):

S repens
Blyxa Japonica
Ludwigia Red Sp
True Rotala indica
AR Mini
Erio Aquaticum
Rotala Macandra
L. Cardinalis Small
Red Cabomba

**NOTE** THESE ITEMS MAY NOT SHIP UNTIL LIVESTOCK IS PROPERLY REMOVED FROM THE TANK. If we agree on a price I will assume you will pay when I am ready to ship and I will remove the item for sale (May be a week or so). Shipping will be determined on the item and buyer. Please let me know if you would like picture of anything. Here is the current list:

BML Dutch Planted 6300k 24inch with a 90deg beam angle. Includes mounts and dimmer.-Make you best offer I get inquiries all of the time for this light since it is no longer available retail. Best offer gets it.

Current Satellite Plus w/ Arduino controller.- Light is the 18"-24" version. Arduino is coded to simulate a natural day, has a RTC, and backup battery. Will include any extras-$75

Filtration- Eheim 2217 includes tubing and all media. I will also include a set of VIV lily pipes inflow/outflow and a generic set you can rotate with while cleaning. $125 *Optional* I will include my rex griggs reactor and a GLA check valve. $150

Co2- GLA Gro Regulator with an extra check valve and glass drop checkers-$150

Aquasoil- About 12 litres of Amazonia with about 3 litres of Powersand (will try to keep it separate)- Best offer

Ohko Stone- I believe I have about 25 lbs-$75

Eheim Surface Skimmer-$15

Adjustable Heater-$10

Beginners Dry Fert- $50- Includes a gram scale, 2 dosing containers, Urea, MgSo4, CaSo4, Unopened K2So4, Unopened KH2PO4, Unopened Plantex CSM+B,

Adavnced Mirco Fertz-$25- Includes all components to make your own micro nutrient fert. DPTA Fe, Boric Acid, MnSo4, Zinc Sulfate, and Sodium Molybdate Dihydrate
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I have sold quite a bit of stems already but I could cut a pretty sweet deal on what's left ($1/stem depending on what you want/volume). I am in West Tampa so honestly it may be cheaper to just ship if we are only talking plants. Shoot me a PM and we can work out the details.
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