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Fear the Swamp!
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It’s time to tear down the 50 gal to make way for the new 125 gal terrarium. Here’s what I got.

Crypt parva $1 each or 12 for $10 PENDING(pieces could be large or small, they are pulled at random)

Crypt nurii - $10 per plant SOLD
Crypt wendtii ‘Green Gecko’ $5 for the mother plant, $1 each baby

Staurogyne repens 10 for $7

Hygrophila pinnatifida - PENDINGmulti branched stems, you will end up with more than 10 stems $8 all – these are showing some K deficiency

Fissiden sp. $8 for an almost full 2x2 square

Mini Pellia $20 for 2x2 square (riccia not included) PENDING

Mini Pellia $20 for several loose pieces, approx 2x2 square (attached to wood in FTS below)
Needle leaf Java Fern
$60 shipped - this is a large piece, the base is almost as big/thick as the soda can. Also has lots of babies.

$40 shipped - base is pretty thick on this one too, but slightly smaller than above piece, this one was lower in the tank and shaded so leaves are smaller, not as many babies.

$25 shipped - left over, loose pieces

Shipping $7 for small flat rate box. For larger orders, I’ll pm with shipping quote.

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