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I'm tearing down my 55 now. And can start mailing stuff Monday.
there may be algae on the plants but nothing a good dip won't cure. No snails.

10~x myrio tube red $9 SOLD
2x azfelli marbled $10
1x anubias petite $3. SOLD
3x anubias barteri var nana $8. SOLD
7x wiseria $8
12x hygro sunset (Cali only) $8
5x hygro tiger $8
3x red swords $12
1x ozelot or red flame sword $9
3x nurri I believe $8
4x nodes pennywort $3
1x crypt parva $4
7x bolbitis huedolti $14
Or take all for 65$ plus shipping

Three pieces of manzanita. 50$ shipped (I paid 75 plus shipping, may need to be tried out and dipped, or just spot treated for algae) one piece is comletely dry

55 gallon tank, glass lids, aqueon dual t5no 6700k bulbs, floramax for pick up redwood city ca only 135$

Fluval U2 with sponges and bio media 20$

Marc Weiss products, keta peng, instant amazon and another 12$ for all three

Ryouh stone, raises ph a bit, enough to scape up to a ten gallon tank 12$

Fluval spec 2 1.6g with media and custom spray bar 4-5 months old 25$ comes with box etc.

Zoo med and top fin digital thermometer 2$ each

Shipping on plants is $6
Shipping on equipment, stones is $12
And shipping for manzanita is 16$

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