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Tank support/stand question

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Hey all,

I am just getting back into the whole aquarium way of life but I have a quick question.

I have a 29 gallon tank that has a footprint of 30l x 12w x 18h. I have a very sturdy hutch that I want to use as a stand that is 29" long. If I were to put this tank on this it would have a half inch overhang on the sides.

Would the Half inch overhang be a deal breaker in terms of support? My thought would be to cut a piece of Wood to fit if it was, or make a stand correctly to fit.

What you all think?
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I would cut the wood to make it fit the aquarium. I had a cheap stand give way in the middle of the back of the stand. That one small spot gave my new house a very wet floor at 2am and a very upset wife at the time. Best to keep it stright. I would paint the wood black to mach the aquarium. That is if it is black.
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