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Looking to upgrade from my Marineland Eclipse 3 gallon acrylic tank (with built-in filter) to something a little bigger. Preferably in the 6 to 10 gallon range. I definitely want glass this time around. A built-in filter would be nice, but I have an AquaClear 20 that I can use if necessary, and if it will fit the hood.

I'd prefer a tank with a seamless front corners and with a dedicated hood. Since this will be in a family room, I've already been told by "The Queen" that having a glass top tank with a light over the top is a no-no (Like the Fluval Ebi/Flora, Zen Nano, and Eheim Aquastyle).

I'm looking to go with whatever freshwater shrimp are the easier species' to raise. I'd also "lightly" plant the tank, and would need a "decent" light for some easier to grow plants.

I currently have some Nerite and Trumpet snails, and a red clawed crab along with some fancy guppies. I'd like to put some/all of those in the tank with the shrimp if that is doable.

I would prefer not to get a tank with a loose fitting glass top, as I would bet my crab would out and about, exploring the room, possibly along with my Nerites. Shrimp will stay in the tank, yes?

I truly like the looks and filtration capacity of the Nano Cubes, and Biocubes, but their cost is out of reach right now. I also think they might have too much flow, and I'm guessing the stock lighting spectrum might not be the best for freshwater flora and fauna. I'm also unsure if their surface skimming is OK for baby shrimp.

I've looked at a bunch of tanks on TruAqua's website. They're inexpensive, but I've not seen too many/any reviews on them.

So, any thoughts on any of these tanks in regards to the role I want them to play, would be appreciated.
I like this one. It reminds me of the Jebo R338, which is a tremendously popular tank on
The thing is the Jebo always either is sold out here in the US, or the companies that carry it won't ship it.
The 8 gallon tank I linked though has no ability to accept a HOB filter.

and then, there's this one:
It's a 6.6 gallon tank. It doesn't have wraparound glass, but in addition to the undergravel filter, it looks like there is a cutout for a HOB (although I don't know the dimensions of that cutout. Hopefully my crab won't swim up the waterfall from the AquaClear (if it even fits)! I'm also not sure if the hood takes a proprietary bulb or not. There is one review on the website that says the tank leaked, and had poor filtration, but I'd take a chance on it holding water, and I hope my AQ HOB would fit.

There's also a 14 gallon tank there for a great price ($80), but it's too big for my space! :(

Does anyone have any direct experience with any of these tanks, good or bad?

If neither of these tanks fit the bill for a shrimp tank, does anyone have any other recommendations for a similarly styled tank that's relatively inexpensive, that would be good for shrimping, without too much modifications?

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Looking to stay away from a glass top tank with a visible light source.
Show the Queen this Flora set up, especially the ones scaped from internet. Her Highness may change her mind ;-)

I bought 2 of these during a big sale, $79 each, I sold the CO2s, substrate, and backgrounds for $60, I can sell the light for $35 ea, then I'm paying about $15 each with the tank, top, filter ($30+ worth if sold separately), and a few other small things. And it looks pretty nice really.
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