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Tank size preference and why

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So, someone has a poll up about how many gallons you have for your shrimp, and I thought it may be interesting to expand on the discussion without hijacking their thread. :)

So the question is a two parter:

-What gallon size do you prefer?

-Why that size instead of another?
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My favorite size is 10g for my neos. I really have an easier time doing selection and I can see easily see my colony and babies. Plus, I can add a "back-up" tank in the same amount of space as a larger tank in case an accident happens.

For some reason when I added a 25g and 55g, it was a lot harder for me to keep my neos from dying off in the beginning, and more expensive to add things to the tanks. Plus, I couldn't see the population growing very quickly. Maybe I'll be happier when my large tanks are more colonized. (?) Or maybe I'll just use them for fish.
I like my connected tanks, bigger water volume with still the size of the smaller tank. I have 2 20's connected together, so stability of 40gals of water but I can keep my nice white CRS and my cull separate.

20longs are nice but it's a weird size for lights and to fit into spaces. As much as I like the length, I rather be able to have more tanks and used more 20talls.
10 gallon. I don't have a lot of space to spare, and a 10 gallon is perfect for my house.
5 and 3 g, bc our house is small and these are big enough to be more stable.

The PetCo bookshelf tank has a nice footprint but it's acrylic.

I want the deep blue 3 g with the long low footprint! The 1.5 looks great, but I think it's so small it would mean lots of water changes.
55 gallons have always been my favorite size. Nice and stable, not to big to work on like the 150 was (ugghh too deep) but big enough to keep me satisfied unlike my multiple 29s, 20s, and 10s that make occasional appearances as project tanks but I always tire of them.

40B are nice too.

Oh and I will say I have never kept shrimp but I have been following some of the shrimp journals and some of them are making me want to try a rimless 20L display tank for them which I think could be really spectacular.
My favorite shrimp tank size would be a 10 gallon, just 'cause they're so cheap. If cost wasn't an issue, then a 33 long. :)
I load up on 10 gallons, they have been very good for me so far. But now i am going to try 20's and 29's and see what happens.
75g for fish. 20L for shrimp because I can do one bucket water changes, evaporation isnt nearly as bad as my 40B, and the depth is perfect for shrimp. My 40B would probably be great for a fish tank or species only tank for something smallish...but I hate it for shrimp. 6" shorter and it might be a different story. I'm in the process of replacing all shrimp tanks with 20L's. 10's have their place as well.
20L good foot print, shrimp need more of a foot print than water volume. More surface area for bio film
i think 1 20 gallon is a must if you want to keep a stable water conditions for taiwan bees, if you are keeping something like neo 10 gallon works perfectly fine..
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