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Hi, I was just wondering if someone could look over my intended set up to sort out any problems that may arise?

Ok, I have a 2.5x1x2ft 'grow tank', in which I have guppys, snails and some plants. It's a dirted tank with sand and I intend to redo it because I didn't set it up that well and the dirt has expired. I want to use the miracle gro potting mix (seems to be good and works well for my purpose?) I will then cap it with 'pea gravel'. Is this the correct product?

how many litres/kgs of that would I need?

What else should I add to the substrate? Some people have suggested red clay but I am not sure where I could get it in Aus?

Also, I wanted some root ferts for later down the track. I was interested in the osmocote diy ones, since I work at Bunnings (we're a supplier) but they had been discontinued. I would like a complete fertilizer. Any suggestions? Osmocote can still be bought on eBay but I am open to anything.
For liquid fertilizer, I have SeaChem Flourish. I have non demanding plants and a drip system for water changes, so I think I might be right with just root ferts.

Also, I want to add some of my large swords to my larger turtle tank (they'll probably get ripped to shreds but I want to try). I may need a root fert for them in the future. Could you guys suggest something easy, which is 'ideally': cheap, colourless, complete, doesn't float, fully soluble?

That's quite an ask for a fert like that but I ask because I want something that won't make the white sand in the turtle tank messy. Also, because of the high chance of the turtle ripping the plant up, I would like something that doesn't make a huge mess. I might be right without the ferts?

Also, do you have any good suggestions for anchoring plants in a turtle tank?

I've been doing a lot of research on this but I am still a beginner, so any help would be great. Thanks.

PS. How stupid is my name? haha :hihi:
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