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I just started a new 30 gallon approx 1 month ago. Here is a picture of where its at now.

Currently stocked with 4 Black Neon Tetra, 5 Neon Tetra, 1 Algae eater (that is growing fast).

30 gallon
Marineland C-220 filter
Nova Extreme T5HO with 10k/freshwater bulb
Flourite substrate - 3 bags, but I might remove some for scaping purposes.

Now I just picked up the following plants today, but I'm having a mental block on how this should get planted.

2 Rotala
1 Red Rubin
1 Ruffled Sword
5 Subulata
1 Hornwort
2 Lily - These will go in the back for the Dwarf Gourami that is coming soon
2 Spiralis
1 Java Moss
1 Wisteria

And one Moss Ball.

Now right now I split up the Java Moss and tucked it into the driftwood and onto the rock in a couple of holes. Everything else is just floating for the time being, due to it being late.

Any suggestions/advice taken with open arms as this is my first planted tank.
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