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Tank reseal question

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I am resealing a 15 gal long I guess you would call it . I like it and I need to do a smaller tank before I tackle a 75 Anyway , All the old silicone came out easy , but it left a film that will not come off . I tried a razor blade , scrubby pad , and nothing works . It appears that the silicone had lifted and this is just water staining . My questions are , any way to get it off ? and if I can't will the new silicone stick over it ? I have 2 pics of the front ends but all 4 corners are the same . Thanks in advance .
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Try some kind of citric acid cleaner or bar keepers friend. The glass may just be etched.
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Acetone! Looks like residual silicon. If it is wipe it really hou with acetone thy hit it with the razor again. They more acetone to polish it up.

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Thanks guys ,
I should have said that I tried Barkeepers . I will have to get some acetone and try . Someone had used this tank for a reptile and then for shrimp and the silicone on this tank was in such rough shape I think the water got under the silicone and etched the glass . My main concern is will the new silicone stick . I put some over an area tonight and I will see what it is like tomorrow . I will just have to clean it off before I reseal the whole tank .
Acetone is some tough stuff. It will eat the silicone away. Give it a shot and make sure it evaporates before you apply new silicone. I've used it to make super clean seams before but it will destroy silicone. Anyway, 15g isn't a lot of pressure. You'll likely be fine with the level of clean you have now. Even more so if it is a long tank. What is it, like 8" tall? You could silicone acrylic together and hold water. (Jokes)
Thanks Freemananana ,
The tank is 24 x 12 x 12 inches . I will see what the silicone I put on tonight is like tomorrow and go from there . I am skittish of the acetone as I am reading that it can ruin the silicone between the panes if too much used or left to long and I don't want to tear the tank apart and
Just an update , I cleaned the tank again and the test silicone was fine , so I resealed it . I went just beyond the stains with the new silicone . It has been filled for 3 days and no leaks . I am going to switch it with the 10 tomorrow . I will post some pics once I get the canopy for it finished .
Got it all done...........
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