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Tank Rescape Advice

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60-P Rescape Advice

My tank has turned into a bit of a wreck because my Dwarf Sag has taken over. I have decided the best option is to tear all the plants out and start over. These are the plants I was thinking about;

Eleocharis Vivipara (Giant Hairgrass)
Rotala Sp. ‘Green’
Rotala Rotundifolia
Glossostigma Elatinoides

Eleocharis Vivipara would go in the back to draw your eye up so the scape doesn’t look as flat.
Rotala Sp. ‘Green’ would be around the rocks for a little variety
Rotala Rotundifolia would also be around the rocks to add a little color and it would match the Ember Tetras
Glossostigma Elatinoides would be the foreground plant

The Move
I’m unsure what to do with the fish while I tear out the plants and wait for the water to clear up. I have an extra 10 gal that I could fill with some of the old water. I would also hook the Eheim to the 10 gal so the bacteria would continue and I wouldn’t need to cycle again. I figured that the Amazonia will make the water very cloudy (when I first set up the tank it took two weeks of 50% water changes before it wasn’t cloudy) and that wouldn’t be very good for the fish. So after a week of the fish in the !0 gal I could put them back in the 60-P and hook up the filter again.

I would like to hear any suggestions of what you guys do during a large re-scape and I would appreciate any suggestions on plants. I also had trouble with Green spot algae so any suggestions would be helpful. I think I just need to increase the kh2po4 but I’m not sure.

Thanks for any help!
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Your planned rescape sounds very nice. Not sure I would do E. vivipara, it is a super messy plant that grows really big unless you are very firm with it. I had it long ago, wasn't firm with it and it made such a mess! Suspect all I needed to do was keep it pruned down but I didn't know that at the time and was pulling, sorting out and replanting it like it was a stem plant.

GSA isn't a nuisance for me now that I dose more phosphate. Amazing that is.

I would want to have another filter on the display tank so it could clear up faster. Could you put a sponge filter or HOB on the tank to circulate the water? Don't think you really need to be concerned with filter bacteria as you will move the canister over with the fish and the plants should take up ammonia produced during the upheaval just fine.

I take the plants and hardscape out, clean and organize them. If I move slowly and the filter is left on the water doesn't get cloudy. Then I drain 3/4s of the water out, part goes into the temporary tank along with a heater and my trusty spare filter. Then I start the fun task of catching speedy fish in an eight foot long tank which takes longer than planting a square foot of hairgrass blade by blade. Remove the rest of the water, do my hardscape as I please, plant, fill, plant. Then drain the tank completely and do a super slow refill with the hose on top of bubblewrap which so far has worked wonders every time to keep the water clear. I let the tank circulate for a while and test the water. Fish go back in once the tank water hasn't any ammonia or nitrite. They are somewhat easier to catch in the 30" bin. Somewhat.
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I always keep a few HOB filters around to help clear things up after major scaping, new tank set ups etc. Usually with a piece of cut to fit micro-polishing cloth tucked in front.

If I know I'll be needed a seeded filter for a holding tank, I'll switch out an older course pad out of my canister filter (good time to rotate in a less worn one anyway) and shove it in behind the HOB filter and run it on the main tank that way for a few days to make sure it's got a good bacterial load.

My bigger fish typically come out easily, but the small ones get left 'til all the plants and hardscape are out so I can get to 'em. My secret tool? A sheet of acrylic cut just shy of the width of my tank and given a heavy bead of silicone on each side. Once the water level is lowered and I've pulled all the plants and hardscape, I chase the fish to one end, put the sheet in, scoot 'em along to a small manageable area and wedge the sheet in place. The silicone gives enough flex to squish it firmly in place.
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Thanks guys! I Have an extra HOB that I can put on the tank to circulate the water. Catching my 18 Ember Tetras should be easy. They are basically trained to follow me around the tank if I have food, but the otos may be harder. Still the tank is small so I shouldn't have trouble. Do the plants sound good to you guys?
Sounds like a plan! Hope the water stays clearer for you this time.

Love the silicone on the divider thing, will try it out next time. Last roundup I used two of the acrylic covers that are something like 6x24" to make a chute with a net at the narrow spot to catch the fish which helped for some of the dumber fish. The covers kept falling over, silicone would have helped. An 8' tank with three openings, I haven't a chance!
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