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I am finally getting around to getting my 75g freshwater tank setup/planted as I have been spending the last 9 months with the newest human addition to our family. Anyways, I am going for a well-planted, driftwood style theme that will be a semi-community tank. I say "semi" as I have a keen interest in German Blue Rams and Apistogramma caucatoides, and would like to keep a breeding pair of each.

Tank Info:

All Glass 75g
Pressurized CO2
Finnex FugeRay 48" LED
Pool sand substrate


1 million pond snails...eesh (anyone know how to get rid of these??)
6 Colombian Tetras
1 - Male Apistogramma caucatoides
2 - Female Apistogrammaa caucatoides
3 - Panda Cory Cats

Anyways - back to the plants...below is a list of what I am looking for. I would prefer to buy all from one person, but I do understand it is difficult for any one person to have.

Alternanthera reinecki "mini'
Alternanthera reinecki "rosaefolia'
Ammania senegalensis
Lobelia cardinalis 'Dwarf'
Ludwigia atlantis
Ludwigia senegalensis
Ludwigia 'Red' hybrid
Limnophila aromatic
Rotala walichii
Anubias coffeefolia
Mayaca fluviatilis
Echinodorus tenellus
Echinodorus Osiris
Lilaeopsis 'Brazil'
Cryptocoryne undulates

I do not "need" all of these (nor can I probably even fit all of them in any sort of desirable landscape), this is just a semi wish-list. Let me know what you have, or possible alternatives that you may have.

I have attached a few pics so you can see what I am working with, and if nothing else, just for fun!


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