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Tank Lid Question

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I’m in the process of setting up my very first planted aquarium and I’m attempting to do right the first time, so I’m taking my time and asking a lot of questions along the way.

I had a question about the top of the aquarium. It seems that most planted aquariums are just open on the top with the light either hanging above or it rests on the top frame of the tank. In my situation I will not be able to leave the top of the tank open since I have a cat and he will end up inside the tank, this has happened in the past with my regular fish tank.:hihi:

So, I guess my question is, is it ok to put a piece of glass or plastic on the top to cover it? Will this block anything beneficial coming from the light fixture? Anyone have any better ideas?
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Glass would be your best option.

It will block out some light, but keep them clean and the loss of light will be kept at a minimum.
Glass would work well, but make sure to keep it clean or calcium deposits from the water will block a lot of light.
Awesome, I’ll just pick up some ¼ glass and pop it on top of the tank and that will totally solve the problem. I’ll just make sure to always keep it sparkling clean. Thanks for the help!:proud:
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