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Planning a new tank ...
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Preparations ...
TankAqua One OptiClear Low Profile 120cm
  • 108 L / 29 gallon
  • 120 x 30 x 30 cm (48 x 12 x 12 inches)
Sept 22
SubstrateBlack Sand or Gravel
Black Rounded Pebbles
Sept 22
FiltrationDouble sponge filter (10 layer ribbing sponge rated for 40 gallons, high density 60ppi) with air-water outlet for flow.
Biochemical Sponge Filter with Air Stone Ultra-Thin Round Air Driven (x2)
Coconut palm fibre mat
Fedour 3W Air Pump (16kPa, 4L/min - 240 L/hour)
HardscapeSandstone for fish caves and features
Magnolia grandiflora wood
Glue cyanoacrylate
Upper - Mid Layer FishWhite Cloud Mountain Minnow (Tanichthys albonubes) (x20)Oct 22 after cycling
Lower Layer FishPanda Cory (Corydoras panda) (x10)Nov 22 after Minnows
Clean Up CrewBladder Snails
HeaterFedour 100W HP-608
  • rated for 110 L
  • backup heater was also purchased.
LCD Temperature Gauge (dual sensor)
LightAluminium alloy waterproof 5730 SMD LED 48W 90cm
  • programmable (LCD control panel)
  • extendable bracket
  • rated for 47 inch/ 120 cm.
Oct 22
PlantsNot decided yet but I have got some plants growing well in other tanks which can be contributed to this tank.
Aquarium soil
Seachem Flourish tabs
Sep - Oct 22

Fin Fish Marine biology Tail Underwater

Fin Underwater Fish Marine biology Tail

Question: what size substrate is ideal for Panda Corys? Fine sand or gravel?
  • 1-2 mm?
  • 3-5 mm?
  • 7mm?

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They are natural substrate sifters so they might like a smaller substrate.

I have ~1mm blasting sand in my 75g and they breed like crazy, which I take as an indicator of good health. Luckily I have other fish to eat the eggs, or I’d be overrun.

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Planning a new tank ...
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I have the exact same tank with White Clouds too! Along with 50 Cherry Shrimp. I have the gold variety however.

White Clouds are hardy and fantastic fish! I would love to see more pics.
Thanks! I'm getting the tank today and the fish in about a month or however long it takes for the tank to be ready. I'll read your tank journal it looks interesting! I was hoping to breed some shrimp for this tank, but I've had a set back there. I'm going to focus some time on looking after my shrimp more carefully and take it slowly with this tank.
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