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[Tank Journal] 29 G long White Cloud Minnow (7 Oct 2022)

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Preparations ...
TankAqua One OptiClear Low Profile 120cm
  • 108 L / 29 gallon
  • 120 x 30 x 30 cm (48 x 12 x 12 inches)
SubstrateBlack Diamond Abrasive Sand (5 kg)
Black AquaOne Gravel (4 kg)
Black Rounded Pebbles (2 kg)
FiltrationDouble sponge filter (10 layer ribbing sponge rated for 40 gallons, high density 60ppi) with air-water outlet for flow.
Biochemical Sponge Filter with Air Stone Ultra-Thin Round Air Driven (x2)
Leca + lava rocks when the leca ran out.
Coconut palm fibre mat
Fedour 3W Air Pump (16kPa, 4L/min - 240 L/hour)
HardscapeSandstone for fish caves and features
Magnolia grandiflora wood
Clear aquarium-safe silicon (300g)
Glue cyanoacrylate
Upper - Mid Layer FishWhite Cloud Mountain Minnow (Tanichthys albonubes) (x24)
Lower Layer FishPanda Cory (Corydoras panda) (x8)
Clean Up CrewBladder Snails
HeaterFedour 100W HP-608
  • rated for 110 L
  • backup heater was also purchased.
LCD Temperature Gauge (dual sensor)
LightAluminium alloy waterproof 5730 SMD LED 48W 90cm
  • programmable (LCD control panel)
  • extendable bracket
  • rated for 47 inch/ 120 cm.
PlantsMonte Carlo (tissue culture 4 pots).
Riccia (tissue culture 1 pot)
Cryptocoryne (2 plants)
Amazon Sword (1 plant)
Milfoil (1 bunch)
Hair Grass (tissue culture 1 pot)
Staurogyne repens (tissue culture 2 pots)
Java Fern (1 plant)
Anubias (2 plants)
Süsswassertang (1 strand stowaway)

Aquarium soil: ADA V2 (3 kg)
Seachem Flourish tabs

Fin Fish Marine biology Tail Underwater

Fin Underwater Fish Marine biology Tail

Question: what size substrate is ideal for Panda Corys? Fine sand or gravel?
  • 1-2 mm?
  • 3-5 mm?
  • 7mm?
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They are natural substrate sifters so they might like a smaller substrate.

I have ~1mm blasting sand in my 75g and they breed like crazy, which I take as an indicator of good health. Luckily I have other fish to eat the eggs, or I’d be overrun.

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I have the exact same tank with White Clouds too! Along with 50 Cherry Shrimp. I have the gold variety however.

White Clouds are hardy and fantastic fish! I would love to see more pics.
Thanks! I'm getting the tank today and the fish in about a month or however long it takes for the tank to be ready. I'll read your tank journal it looks interesting! I was hoping to breed some shrimp for this tank, but I've had a set back there. I'm going to focus some time on looking after my shrimp more carefully and take it slowly with this tank.

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This thing is keeping me busy now!
Wood Floor Flooring Hardwood Rectangle

Messing around with some gear ... the lid is tightly fitting, and the light will rest on that.
Wood Eyewear Table Electrical wiring Audio equipment

Fun bit ... painting the backdrop!
Wood Paint Table Rectangle Wood stain

Waiting for the paint to dry ... I will put a glaze over the top to protect the paint once it's dry.
Table Desk Wood Plant Interior design

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Green Blue Plant Gas Wood

@Rob23 This pic gives a better view of the painting. I used the cheapest acrylic paint I could buy. I mixed in some PVA glue. With the black paint, I added some black grouting in to provide a thicker coat, close to 100% opacity. I also love the texture, but that's irrelevant really. I mixed up about four different colour batches and tried to blend them with each other. On the upper half, I varied the transparency, between 20 - 30 % so that it's not too dark. Once it was dried, I added a coat of Matte Mod Podge which should help seal it (is that what you meant?). The whole process is not very scientific or technically based. It's achieved what I wanted. EDIT: note the paint is on the outside. I would not want any paint inside the tank.

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Water Parameters

Parameter8 Oct 20229 Oct 202211 Oct 202212 Oct 202213 Oct 202214 Oct 202217 Oct 202219 Oct 202221 Oct 202222 Oct 202223 Oct 202226 Oct 202230 Oct 20226 Nov 20229 Nov 2022
Ammonia0.25 ppm1 ppm0.5 ppm0.5 ppm2.0 ppm0.25 ppm0.7 ppm4 ppm6 ppm5 ppm2 ppm0.5 ppm1 ppm0.25 ppm0.5 ppm
Nitrite0 ppm0 ppm0 ppm0 ppm0 ppm0 ppm0 ppm< 0.25 ppm0.25 ppm< 0.25 ppm0.25 ppm0.25 ppm0.5 ppm0 ppm0 ppm
Nitrate10 ppm10 ppm5 ppm10 ppm10 ppm5 ppm5 ppm10 ppm10 ppm10 ppm10 ppm10 ppm10 ppm160 ppm (max)40 ppm
KH carbonate hardness1 degKH1 degKH1 degKHn/a1 degKHn/a1 degKH1 degKH2 degKG2 degKH1 degkH1 degKH1 degKH1 degKH2 degKH
GH general hardness4 degGH2 degGH4 degGH4 degGH4 degGH4 degGH5 degGH5 degGH5 degGH5 degGH5 degGH6 degGH7 degGH7 degGHn/a
Temp74.7 F / 23.7 C73.4 F / 23.0 C74.0 F / 23.3 C76.7 F / 24.8 C71.9 F / 22.2 C71.0 F / 21.7 C71.2 F / 21.8 C70.8 F / 21.6 C72.6 F / 22.6 C71.5 F / 21.9 C70.4 F / 21.3 C71.7 F / 22.1 C71.1 F / 21.7 C72.3 F / 23.4 C72.5 F / 22.5 C

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I am curious about the coco mat. Is it synthetic or real natural fiber? If it is natural fiber I would wonder about what happens when it eventually decomposes. Are you using it to avoid scratching the tank bottom?

The background looks great. Very artistic.
Natural fibre. It's a product intended for potted plants. I am also curious about what happens when it decomposes! Perhaps I'll rebuild the tank before that happens. I like using natural products but I do have some plastic supports in the substrate. Because I'm using rocks I definitely wanted to have support underneath to spread the weight. It's exactly what I wanted for that purpose. It's also got filtration properties and I've used it in my other two tanks. For example, I used it in my Whisker Shrimp tank on one wall to give that guy a way to climb up and hang on. In my Snails and Shrimp tank, I created a deep substrate and I used the fibre mat to create barriers to separate an aquarium soil zone from a filtration zone. Furthermore, it's a bacteria substrate. I really enjoy working with it and it's part of my tank recipe now. I would definitely use it again in a future build and would look for interesting ways to use it.
EDIT: just remembered also, it's a good base for your hardscape, as it holds in place and doesn't shift. You'll need to secure it with aquarium-safe silicone glue first though. This is an advantage compared with using sand since sand shifts around and has a habit of not being where you want it to be. Personal preference plays a part too, I'd never want to use plastic egg crate for example.
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