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tank infestation..what are these things?

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Recently i have noticed very small insect organisms moving along the glass. They hang on for about 5 seconds, then swim a little further, then stop again. I have a paradise gourami that i have seen snatch one off the glass. They have no visible color, except for a dull white throughout. Also, their shape is like a tadpole with two short tentacles coming off the head. No limbs except for the tentacles are visible, so im not sure how they stick to the glass. I drew a rough sketch for you guys. ANY help would be appreciated!!


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These are crustaceans called Cyclops. Excellent snacks for smaller fish. They are said to attack fry but I have never witnessed that. I'd love those to multiply in my tanks.

The one you drew would be a male, females have a pair of egg sacks which gives them a slightly different shape.
Thank you very much! how do people usually acquire these on accident?
Feeding live food, collecting life plants, exchanging equipment with ponds, buying live plants that were exposed to them, using substrate or rocks or roots from lakes, etc etc, many possibilities.

If you don't like them, just get a tetra or similar small fish, they'll take care of them in short time.
Well now im noticing my fish snatchin em right off the glass more commonly. If theyre not a problem, im good with it. Theyre BARELY visible anyways. thanks for the help.
I fed frozen cyclops to my new Rainbow fry. they loved them!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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