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tank full of gourami fry help!

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i got a 29g i don't really pay much attention to besides feeding ferts and water changes i just noticed i have about 400? gourami fry and my Opaline and gold gourami are guarding the area any ideas
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wish the fry luck and post a sell in SNS in a few months
well there is 5 gourami total and a Chinese algae eater i have lots of vegetation for them to hide in think some will make it? should i try to get the fry out?
If you care to raise them, put them into another tank.

In the current tank, most of them will starve or get eaten.
Fry will make it if you have plants. Its only worth removing them if you want everyone to survive for the purpose of selling. Otherwise let nature take its course and the strongest will survive.
thanks guys i guess i'm just going to follow my trend with this tank and let it be. i really don't care about selling them so like postal said the strongest will survive! it kind of feels like thunder dome "two man enter one will live" lol
400 enter and 5 leave just doesn't have the same ring to it.

Congrats on the lil ones!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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