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Tank Frame Cracked

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Quick "structural" question on tanks. I noticed last night the bottom frame on one of my tanks has cracked. How concerned should I be? I'm assuming that the frames do actually play a role in holding the panes together?

Thanks for any help.

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depends on the tank size to say how needed it is the bigger the tank the more important the rims. Smaller tanks usually have them for aesthetics and they don't do much more for bracing the tank beyond what the silicon already does
Its only a 20 gallon high, so probably not a huge concern?
Do you have a picture of the crack? If it cracked due to stress, obviously you need to be concerned. But, if it cracked just because the plastic became old and brittle, that's another story.
I could get one tonight. I've had the tank set up 15 years and it was purchased used, so old and brittle would certainly be plausible.

Thanks all
Thanks for your input.


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Hopefully the silicone is in better shape than the plastic, I wouldn't worry too much about it.

Think about just buying a new tank. They are cheap, and it is a bit of a hassle, but also a bit of fun to start over. 15 years is a long time.
Look for Petco's next $1 per gallon tank sale. A replacement would be $20 plus tax. Old tanks can last a lot longer, but I wouldn't trust that one any place where I couldn't accept a 10 gallon+ water spill. My guess is the plastic rim just got brittle, but it could be more serious.

Craigslist would be a good place to dispose of the tank, as a snake home, or a low water tank. Then keep looking there and you might find a nearly new same size tank for almost free, or one including a stand, light, filter, etc. all for $20.
That's a shame, especially since all the aquariums available around here are bigger than that one. But my wife's concerned about water damage, guess I'll just have to go with what's available ;).

Thanks guys, no really Thank you.
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