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I am consolidating my tanks in preparation for a move. So I have some things for sale, all have been used less than 6 months and are in good working order.

First: Eheim 2213-$40 shipped-holding for payment
Used about 6 months, in complete working order and is dead silent.
Comes with:
+Eheim 2213 and all accessories
+Efhi Mech
+Blue sponge
+Used Eheim Substrat pro(washed and rinsed)
+1 un-open box of Eheim Substrat pro
!!!-I have the tubing that came with it but it has obviously been cut to fit my application. If you would like the tubing let me know in the PM, otherwise you will need to supply your own(12/16mm)

Second: Hydor Eth 201(5/8th fitting)-$20 shipped-Holding for payment
+200W in-line heater, will fit 5/8th tubing, works perfectly

Third: Milwaukee Regulator, solenoid and needle valve-$50 shipped-Holding for payment
+Is in two pieces(regulator and solenoid+needle valve) that just need to be screwed together with Loc-Tite or other sealant

Fourth: Milwaukee SMS122 pH controller-$55 shipped
+Comes with pH probe, I will pack it in distilled water to prevent it from drying out
!!You will likely need to calibrate it with 7.0 and 4.0 solutions that can be found by a quick google search

Finally: Odyssea 9W UV sterilizer-$15 Shipped-Holding for payment
+9W working bulb
+Comes with hang on tank and mounting bracket

And like I mentioned all items have been used for 6 months and are in good working order. I will ship(likely through UPS) once I have payment. Payment through Paypal.
PM with what item(s) you want and I will give you my Paypal details. Thanks!
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