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Tank "buddies"

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I have a ten gallon with 4 cherry barbs, 4 zebra danios, 3 baby yoyo loaches and 6 big amano shrimp. The danios spend a lot of time chasing each other around for whatever reason, but they aren't really "schooling."

Maybe it would be wise for me to trade out my barbs for a few more danios to enforce the schooling mentality. Maybe then they'd stop picking on each other as much. There's a definite pecking order, too, but the three smaller ones will gang up on the fat female once in a while. What do you think?
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bump it up to 5 each and i think you will be fine
I would go over 5 maybe 8-10. I always had problems with danos chasing each other and trying to make a pecking order
If you went to 10, that would be the best. However, your barbs would need to be taken out
I agree with the above but not sure adding more will mitigate all the aggression; danios are active fish and would like more room. They could be feeling cramped for space.
While we're at it, what's your recommended fish per gallon?
There really isn't a set rule in terms of how many fish per x gallon tank. The old "1 inch per gallon" rule is antiquated; it doesn't take into account activity level and other variables. According to that rule a 10" fish could fit in a 10 gal tank which is obviously ridiculous. Even though most tetras and some danios are small fish they can be very active and should have a larger tank to swim in even though they might tend to be small. It just depends on the type of fish.
Could I try mixing the danios with other minnows? Would they school together or segregate like the danios and barbs do currently?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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