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I am located in Holland and don't mind meeting up halfway to anyone in the Grand Rapids/Grand Haven/Allegan areas as well. Not looking to ship these right now. I'll also be at the coral swap in Plymouth on August 7th if any east-siders wanted to meet up there to make a purchase/pickup

I am in the process of breaking down my freshwater tanks. I have a 29 gallon community and 10 gallon CPD/shrimp tank.

I currently have the following livestock available for purchase or free:
10 Harlequin Rasbora - $5 for all
5 Von Rio Flame Tetra - $5 for all
5 - 8 False Julii Cory Cats - $5 for all
1 Bristlenose Pleco 4-5 in male - $5
Several Platys, these are offspring of a Coral Red and 24k, neat orange and yellow coloration with Black - I have juvenile through adult - Free
2 - 4 Celestial Pearl Danios (awesome nano Fish) - $5 for all
1-4 Pygmy Cory Cats - Free
Several Red and Yellow Shrimp - $10 for 20, $15 for 30

Sorry for the sideways pictures - Pic 1 is the Platy and Von Rio, #2 is the Celestial pearl Danio, #3&4 yellow and red shrimp, Pictures of all other livestock available


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Where in the GR area are you? I'm def interested in the Celestial Pearl Danios.
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