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Moving sucks. Moving with tanks well that is more than I am going to tackle at this point.

There are a couple of tanks I kind of like and would rather sell together locally than break it down for the parts.

I will update this with better photos/another tank later but for now:

10 gallon with stand and lid. Dirt/Peat/Laterite Substrate capped with playsand.

Two filters one AC30, one Marineland s10

Rocks ( in front of the A. Reineckii there is a biggish rock, under the downoi there are separate rock piles that were covered when the downoi grew)

Co2 diffuser

I add diy co2/excel and dose low light EI ferts (1/3 normal dose)


At least 40 crowns/sideshoots of Pogestemon Helferi(Downoi)

At least 30 nodes of Lobelia Cardenalis (Dwarf Variety)


At least 30 stems of A. Reineckii (Scarlet Temple)

At least 20 Echinodorus Angustifolia (Vesuvius Sword)

15-20 nodes Marsilea Minuta (thought I'd sold it previously but found some hiding under the downoi.

Lot and lots of R. Rotundifolia

3-4 stems of R. Indica

Oh and see that small shoot on the bottom left, I think that is some lindernia rotundifoilia varigated. I had planted some months ago and it died, somehow it has decided to come back to life :)

The plants are in great shape except the A. Reinecki has some green spot algae on them due to crowding and I was away for a couple of days and missed dosing.

The light was a gift so I am keeping it. I would prefer to sell everything together.

Make me a reasonable offer and it is yours.

I am also selling the tank that is in my signature. I haven't updated in a while, so I will post better pictures descriptions of the flora/fauna later.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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