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I'm breaking down my freshwater planted tank. So I'm looking to get rid of everything currently alive residing inside of it. Which includes:
2 Amazon sword
1 tiger lily (and a half Lilly that doesn't have a bulb, it was just loose and rooted itself)
1 Anubis
1 Lutea
1 Thing I can't remember. It's got tall stock and small leaves the stock looks a bit like bamboo and is very thin.
2 peices of driftwood (quite mature with no more water discoloration)
1 albino bristle nose pleco (mature)
2 black bristle nose pleco (mature)
1ottocinclus ( small.. Never really grew after I got it)
2 sterbai Cory
3 peppered cory
3 panda Cory
1 twig fish
2 African leaf
15 ish guppies most of which are endler hybrids. Come to think of it I suppose there's 2 tiger endlers in there too.
1 pea puffer
Should be 2 Amano shrimp someplace. I don't see them often.
A million red ramshorn snails
1 pink/red betta

Everything as far as I can tell is happy and healthy. The water is clean, full of phosphate currently but no algae problems in almost a year probably. I haven't had a fish die in forever. I've just let the tank grow too much because I haven't had time to keep up on pruning and complete dosing for the plants. Price for anything is super negotiable. I just need to get this downsizing out of the way. Tank not for sale, but considering selling the fluval U4 filter once everything else is out of the tank.
I live in the greater Seattle east side near Issaquah.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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