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Rotala Magenta (sp. Macranda narrow leaf): $5.00 for 15 stems, probably more

Java fern sp. narrow leaf: $5.00 for 3+ inch rhizome / say 10 leaves, probably more

Mini Pellia: $10 for golf ball sized clump (SOLD, at least for now)

Fissidens Fontanus: $10 for ping pong ball clump (SOLD)

A stem or two of Creeping Jenny aka moneywort (Lysimachia nummularia) free w/ any purchase if requested.

Want a clump of HC too? All yours, just ask.

Please note I have mini ramshorn snails but I will meticulously pick any/all visible snails out prior to packaging. Shipping by USPS Priority is $6. Can also be shipped USPS 1st class in a bubble mailer for $2, your choice, but please mind your local weather either way as I do not have heat packs.

Oh yeah, if you're a Seattle local and want some Cherry shrimp, come take as many as you want. A lot have good coloring but not all.
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