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Hello Everyone,

I have the following items for sale... ALL Prices are OBO - PM me to work out the details. I will combine prices/shipping if you want more than one item. Pictures of all the items are attached to this thread. Shipping will be based on where you live and how fast you want it. This stuff needs to go, so this is a great chance to get a good deal!

All items are 100% functional unless otherwise stated.

[STRIKE]Green Leaf Aquariums Nature Beast CO2 Regulator $100 - I bought this sometime in late 2010. This item has not been used in roughly 8 months and is 100% functional.[/STRIKE]

[STRIKE]Eheim 2213 $40 - Included are 2 double valves, the intake and outflow pipes, 4 suction cups, and the (used) filter material. I have some of the tubing lying around if you want it, but I would suggest just getting your own new. (This filter is working, HOWEVER as seen in the pictures, the intake hose attachment/nozzle is missing. This is an easy part to get, and alternatively you can screw the double valve straight in to this part. I also drilled additional holes in to the outflow spray bar)[/STRIKE]

[STRIKE]CAL Efflux F2 (13mm) $40 - In great condition with no scratches.
CAL Influx E2 (13mm) - $20 - The lower suction cup broke off of the pipe leaving a hole in it. I worked around this by taking a piece of tubing and sliding it over the hole and then wrapping a zip-tie around it, thus sealing it. It never leaked this way...

ADA Bubble Counter - $50 - In great condition!

[STRIKE]ADA Cabochon Ruby Glass Check Valve - $30 - In great condition![/STRIKE]

Thanks for looking! PM me with any offers/questions!


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