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Tall plants and intakes

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How big a problem is this?

Two intakes, (1) 500gph; (1) 700gph

Please do not ask me "how is it constructed" and/or "how close" . I am designing the intake (type) off this thread (and Google of course). And I'll set the distance from plants after I hear about your experience.

First thing first, can it be a problem?

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Sure it can be a problem.
Delicate small stems will lean to the intakes. Frilly fronds will get pulled.
Thicker plants. Wisteria... hygros..... anubias and the such will not be affected.
Plant accordingly.

All in all I don't see it being a huge problem. Clean the intakes off occasionally.
Of course I must tell you I have never had that volume moving thru my intakes.

How big is the tank?

My canister is not huge but I am sure it turns my tank over lots of times and hour. It really doesn't feel like a siphon or anything. I doubt that your intakes would create a whirlpool of death.
I keep sponges over all my intakes to help keep unwanted things (especially the livestock) out of them.

I also arrange my intakes so that they are NOT blocked by the plants. Unsightly? Yep- but I'd rather see my intakes than lose efficiency at sucking in debris.

I just paint them to match my background.

My hygrophilas always get pulled into the intake but I threw on this prefilter on the strainer and now there is minimal pull and also my shrimpies survival rate went up lol

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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