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Hey everyone,

Looking to take a short break from growing HC. I will be selling the rest of my stock at low cost. Thank you for all your support!
Will be back soon!

Dwarf Baby Tears, HC, Hemianthus Callitrichoides
Moderate carpeting plant, medium-high light, CO2 suggested. (Picture below represents one portion)

Lot 1-

3"x5" portions (6"x5")

Lot 2-

Three 3"x5" portions (10"x5")


Plants will be shipped through priority flat rate shipping. Shipping will be later in the week to lump ship orders on the same day.

Please watch your weather; I am not responsible for USPS delays. Hot Pack and Insulation Included! If a DOA occurs please pm me within 1 hour of delivery with a picture of the plants in original packaging and we will work something out.

My plants are algae and snail free due to being emersed grown; some melting may occur as the specimens covert to their emerged forms. These plants have been grown in a high humidity environment and all my customers have seen little to no melting; however it is a possibility. I am not responsible for USPS delays.


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