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Hello! I'm new to joining Planted Tank but not new to using it's threads to help me answer questions haha :)

I have some Taiwan Moss that I want to attach itself to this Tiger Wood "tree". I used sewing (cotton) thread, and that hasn't dissolved yet, but I am afraid that by the time that it does dissolve my Taiwan Moss will not have attached itself. Across different forums there's different thoughts on moss attaching to wood, but overall I would say that it does. As you can see from the photos, my moss is growing nicely (minus an algae bloom I'm working on), what are some thoughts on getting the moss to actually attach itself? Tie it down tighter with some more cotton thread? Go ahead and "restart" by super gluing it down (not really wanting to do this)? Other ideas?

I think it might not be attaching because when I originally tied it down with sewing thread I was scared of tying it too tight (silly me) and didn't go for it.

P.S. Don't mind the brown Java Moss in the background. It arrived in bad shape and is slowing making a comeback *sigh* Wish it would go faster haha And cover the mesh and make a beautiful moss wall already :p

Thanks for your help!!

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